We Accept the Stretch Limos We Think We Deserve

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our chauffeur hitting the breaks

On the first day of spring break in the City of Light, the metro was flooded with Parisians running with every kind of luggage you can imagine. This week-long holiday coincides with Paris Fashion Week, which results in many unfashionable folk fleeing the city to escape the harsh reality that they have zero style.

Instead of loading up my backpack and buying a budget airline ticket to Vienna, my best friend and blogger-mom-to-be (Jacquie at dnutqueen.wordpress.com) and I decided to have our own STAYCATION at her trendy residence in northern Paris. With the city all to ourselves, we made the best decision of our entire 20 years: we loaded up our metropasses and hailed ourselves a private STRETCH LIMO!

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some would call us best friend GOALS

The Paris stretch limos are a well kept secret that many tourists don’t know about. If you are planning a trip to Paris anytime soon, I would recommend omitting the expensive double-decker tour buses and just hailing yourself a stretch limo. Otherwise, you might find yourself squished like a can of sardines with all the Parisians on the stank bus (more commonly known to locals as the RER A).

We caught our first ride on Monday to Jacquie’s twentieth birthday, arriving in style at the Eiffel Tower where we would later ascend to the champagne bar on the top floor. All we had to do was stand on the side of a cute street and look at these little boxes that light up with how long you have to wait until your limo arrives. For those of you who are tech-savvy, you can compare the experience to using UberX, just with less harassment.

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so easy to use!

The next day our limo picked us up at Gare du Nord after our day of exploration was thwarted by rainy weather. Just as we had hoped, we had it all to ourselves! We cozied up at the back of our ride with a blanket we brought from home and put our feet up, ready to see Paris in STYLE! In that moment, I swore we were infinite. 

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the comfort is unbeatable. just like home!

The chauffeur was even kind enough to keep the lighting dim on the bus, which was really helpful because Jacquie surprised me by pulling her laptop out of her bag. She then hotspotted her phone’s 3G to Solar Tv, which allowed us to catch up with the latest episodes of the Bachelor. We were having a great time bonding over this season’s unlovable bachelor, when we were rudely interrupted by a Parisian man who told us to put our feet down. He didn’t seem to have gotten the memo that this was our private stretch limo. I guess we forgot to tell our chauffeur that we didn’t want to pick up hitchhikers, but we were close to our stop anyway so it was okay. 

For anyone who is planning to visit Paris soon, we would recommend taking stretch limo No. 74. Make sure you keep your head on swivel when on this route, otherwise you’ll miss some cute cafes that would look great on your Instagram. On Tuesday night, after we were hungover from the Eiffel Tower champagne bar, we just rode the 74 around and admired all the beautiful lights along the Seine. Sometimes the chauffeur forgets to turn the heat on, so we would recommend bringing your own fuzzy blanket so you can feel right at home.

If anyone has any questions at all about the stretch limos, please don’t hesitate to comment below! Hopping on a stretch limo is the quickest way to feeling as trendy as Karl Lagerfeld drinking an espresso at Café de Flore. I guess it’s true what Owen Wilson says in Midnight in Paris. Paris really is most beautiful by bus!

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Jacquie enjoying the view

Bread and Anxiety: The Story So Far

blurry eiffel
just like I imagined ❤

Bonjour to my loyal readers, dearest friends, social media acquaintances, and any unfortunate souls who have stumbled upon my blog. The rumours are true- yes, I am on exchange in Paris, and yes, I’ve already become at least three times more annoying on Facebook and Instagram.

I’ve been pounding back croissants for approximately nine days now and I’ve only gained about six pounds so far. My exchange experience is already exceeding my expectations so hopefully my good fortune continues, as will my unabashed consumption of gluten products and complex carbohydrates.

I’d say I’m adjusting well to French life and could become une Parisienne by the end of the summer. Paris has made me aware of not only my glaring class privilege but my serious lack of street style. It was only natural that my first purchase here was a fur coat (vegan, of course) for the low, low price of ten euros, complete with the musty but comforting smell of thrift. A steal even with the plummeting value of the Canadian dollar! I think this fur coat will really help me stand out in the sea of foreigners who have no real grasp on French culture nor language.

Currently my French is at a level where I can walk into a café feeling moderately anxious and come out wanting to hurl myself into La Seine. So far I’ve mastered the art of nodding hesitantly and uttering a questionable oui when French people speak to me. I figure even if I don’t become conversational, at least I’ll still return home with some Hemingway-influenced short stories I wrote in cute cafés and enough #tbt pictures to make you vomit for months to come.

I have about seven months to learn the Parisian ways and I’m already feeling overwhelmed by the narrow streets that bring you to a new garden square every time you set down their paths. You’re never really “lost” in Paris. There’s a reason Paris is romanticized by the best white, upper class, predominantly Anglophone writers and artists of the Western world. To live in Paris is to learn to flâner, to stroll around without a destination whilst ignoring the racial and economic inequality all around you!

But even when my feet are aching from walking all day in my heeled boots, my literary aspirations keep me stumbling over the cobblestone streets. It won’t be easy to become a style icon, wine connoisseur, literary socialite, and Francophone in such a short time, but with the rate I’ve been Instagramming at you’ll have no choice but to join my journey 🙂

BISOUS *cringes and recoils awkwardly* BISOUS